1. Contribute to the welfare, prestige and excellence of the Sokoine University of Agriculture.
  2. Represent the interests, and to promote, protect, exercise and maintain the rights and responsibility of its alma mater.
  3. Take interest in matters pertaining to the governance, administration and academic functions of the University and to make recommendations thereon.
  4. Foster a spirit of “Alma Mater” and maintain a good image of the University as a whole, and to promote community and business interests and respect for the University.
  5. Encourage and promote a spirit of collegiality and unity among members of Convocation within and outside the Regional Chapters
  6. Create in the alumni, a sense of responsibility, obligation and accountability towards the community and especially towards the University.
  7. Liase and consult with all other University constituencies on matters of common interest and to foster unity.
  8. Encourage and support contributions, financial from Alumni and well-wishers to the University.
  9. Award prizes to distinguished Alumni who have made significant achievements
  10. and /or contribution to their profession, community or University.
  11. Establishment of Endowment fund   
  12. Award scholarships to potential beneficiaries.