Jiajiri dialogue is an essential forum for youth entrepreneurs, innovators, investors and businessmen and women from different Universities in Tanzania. This year the Jiajiri dialogue organized by Sokoine University Graduate Entrepreneurs Cooperative (SUGECO) and Tanzania Agricultural Economics Student Association (TAGRESA) was held at Solomon Mahlangu College of science and Education ( SM-CoSE) freedom Square hall at SUA. The theme of JIAJIRI DIALOGUE this year was “Youth and opportunities in Agribusiness” attracted the attention of students from Mzumbe, Jordan (JUCO), Ruaha (RUCO), Muslim University of Morogoro (MUM) and SUA Different influential speakers delivered proffecianal speech and talks with the aim of arising interest of the audience on self employment highting the challenges while encouraging to be courageous and attempt all possible way to successes in business

Dr. Anna Temu the founder of Sokoine University Graduate Entrepreneurs Cooperative ( SUGECO) steered the dialogue by providing details on the roles and activity of SUGECO a cooperative that has 500 youth entrepreneurs members of which 216 are active. Dr. Anna Temu gave her expertise in promoting investment in agriculture business and hoping to promote entrepreneurial awareness among university graduates who led her to establish a joint venture of Sokoine University Graduate Entrepreneurs Cooperative (SUGECO). College graduates who are now entrepreneurs are Mr Kinshaga and Malikia wa Nguvu Dr Anna Temu (woman with spectacle) and other participanting on Jiajiri Dialogue at SM-CoSE on 21 April 2018 Engineer Octavian Lasway establishes successful businesses in various fields of agricultural business including food processing and service delivery to farmers

What do youth expect after graduating
The lecturer, Mr Joseph Masimba, spoke of the attitude of graduates to ignore the society which needs them to solve different problems on economic issues and concentrating on theories of books instead of seeking more outdoor knowledge. He highlighted the importance of enhancing value through additional training such as investment, agriculture and entrepreneurship.

He also talked about the importance of building up by choosing the right friends and spending time well. He also emphasized the importance of SUGECO to youth who have vision to participate in Agricultural practices, since it’s the bridge to link them with other opportunities such as markets, financial assistance and training.

What is the missing gap in youth’s minds towards self-employment?
Dr. Daniel Ndyetabula spoke of various types of entrepreneurship perspectives, how entrepreneurship perspectives can either affect or destroy the success of the relevant business and what is required to correct the negative attitudes towards entrepreneurship. He advised that graduates could start entrepreneurship with more flexibility, they should be able to work more intelligently and more effectively and be able to stay in such a career. The missing gap in the minds of youth towards self-employment is “entrepreneurial tenacity” which means the ability of an individual to work hard and smart. Ways to change student’s minds from fixed to growth mind set can be through training, focus and time management

In the topic of the challenges of establishing an agricultural enterprise company, the company’s chief owner of Fresh Dells Co. Ltd, Avith Kilawe, a third-year student of the Faculty of Accounting at the Co-operative Moshi College (MUCO), testified how he was able to establish a company capable of exporting 280,000 tonnes of avocados to UK, Finland and France, at the age of 23. Mr Kilawe described various challenges such as legal and experience challenges he encounter while establishing his company and He emphasized youth not to put blame on lack of capital but rather to use their skills and abilities in striving to achieve what they need in life.

In the matter of making difficult decisions, Mr Octavian Lasway gave his testimony about the negotiations he had received during the establishment of his Green Agriculture Co. Ltd. which provides access to irrigation systems for small and medium-sized farmers. He explained how he had to lose his friends, work more than his level and learn to create new business relations to his company’s success now that have all led to his company’s success now.

Mr. Benjamin Fernandez former employee of Bill and Melinda Gate foundation a graduate of the Bachelor of Accounting at Stanford university, Most Famous Academy in the World. He was official guest at JIAJIRI EVENT.He gave 10 principles that successful people follow to be where they are, the principles were as follows

  1. To respect God and be thankful..
  2. Family is very important especially respecting parents.
  3. People; the people we meet in our course of life are very important and potential hence we should be careful on how you treat the people around you.
  4. Manage your time, people should use well there time since every minute that passes its worth in achieving your goals.
  5. He emphasized on having a diary that will be having the whole day schedule.
  6. Create love for the people.
  7. Develop the habit of asking, it helps in knowing things better.
  8. Take time to think
  9. What is the intention of another person in life.
  10. Know when to say “No”
  11. Network

He also made the first presentation of his application used in money transfer without using data. The application is called NALA and found in the play store and it is simple and easy to use.

  • Put data mobile ON
  • Go to the playstore
  • Search NALA application
  • Install NALA Application

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